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Description:   AGI Audio File Transfer Addons for Asterisk - this is a module for Asterisk that extends Asterisk's AGI interface by adding commands that allow the transfer of audio files to and from Asterisk via the AGI session. Very useful for FastAGI connections.

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Parkedcalls Tray Icon for Asterisk This is a tray icon (c++) for windows which shows parked calls (or other state info) of the asterisk pbx. The sample server script (php) emulates a calling queue with the pbx call parking feature, so agents simply dial 701,702,.. to pickup incoming calls

Quivr Quivr - "Quick IVR" A small Asterisk AGI Library for C programmers, it is a simple ansi-c based, posix styled C library for Asterisk AGI programming. Quivr handles passing commands to Asterisk and testing the return status of the AGI command.

Web Fax for Asterisk Web FAX for Asterisk is aimed at providing a simple and effective PHP-based front-end to FAX for Asterisk (or Free FAX for Asterisk).

Asterisk JTAPI Asterisk JTAPI enables third party call control of the Asterisk PBX for Java applications. It aims at office installations with central server applications such as call centers.

Asterisk B2BUA Asterisk based SIP b2bua realization. It's patched asterisk and some AGI script. Features: full vovida's b2bua radius emulation, extended radius attributes, radius failover, LCR, Call failover, Codec based routing and other useful things.

Asterisk Billing Very simple perl billing script to rate Asterisk cdr real-time by user, extension and rate table. Uses MySQL as a backend. Asterisk Billing

Asterisk C AGI Toolkit CAGI is an API for writing AGI applications in the open source Asterisk PBX software. It was developed to integrate a medical dictation system in to Asterisk in 2005 and has been used in a production environment since then.

Asterisk Manager AM - Asterisk PBX GUI Configuration/Management System. AM provides a HTML interface for creating Asterisk configuration (.conf) files. It also allows you to remotely manage and monitor your PBX.

Asterisk Messaging An extension to the standard Asterisk PBX expanding it's capabilities to include messaging.

pyst: Python for Asterisk Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and libraries to allow programming of Asterisk from python. The library currently supports AGI, AMI, and the parsing of Asterisk configuration files. The library also includes debugging facilities for AGI.2012-01-29: There have been two or three forks that ...

astateful astateful is a unique approach to Web development. It incorporates a solid theoretical foundation based on Dynamic Programming in which a website is evaluated using a 'top down' or 'bottom up' approach starting from an initial state. Mathematical ArchitectureExtensibleSmall FootprintFastScalableEncryptionCaching

astfin Complete uClinux distribution for Blackfin CPU with integrated Asterisk and support for several open hardware line interface boards.

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